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Public Writing

Recently, I've mostly been writing about sports fandom. You can find a piece on how fans should respond to bad behaviour from players in Aeon and pieces on what sportswashing is in Liberal Currents and The Academic

A longer, more detailed task was putting together Why It's OK to Be a Sports Fan​, which you can also find at other booksellers (but Routledge is often the cheapest)!

Other selected pieces of public writing include:

Should We Boycott the 2022 World Cup?” - 3rd May, 2021, Public Ethics

How empty stadiums are killing the character of sports clubs - 16th April, 2021, The New Statesman

Daunte Wright: Policing and Accountability (with Ben Davies) - 16th April, 2021, Practical Ethics: Ethics in the News 

Essay: Asphyxiation death of Daniel Prude a moral failure of Rochester Police Department - 8th September, 2020, Democrat and Chronicle

If all our actions are shaped by luck, are we still agents? - 25th March, 2020, AEON

What football can teach us about the philosophy of regret - 28th July, 2018, Prospect 

I used to write regular pieces at the Prindle Post as a news analyst. You can see my work here.

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