At The College at Brockport, SUNY I taught Introduction to Ethics in Spring 2020, to a class of 45 students.

At King's College London I taught seminars as a graduate teaching assistant (GTA).

I won a Departmental Graduate Teaching Assistant Award 2016-17; I received an honourable mention in 2017-2018

I was nominated for a King’s Teaching Excellence Award in 2017-18


Here are the modules I have taught, with module leaders in parentheses.

Topics in Applied Ethics and Politics (David Galloway) 2018

Ethics II: History of Ethical Philosophy: Hume and the British Moralists (Thomas Pink) 2016, 2017

Scepticism (David Galloway) 2015

Political I: Introduction to Political Philosophy (John William Devine) 2015

Ethics II: Contemporary Ethics (Maria Alvarez) 2014, (Nadine Elzein) 2015

Ethics I: Introduction to Ethics (Thomas Pink) 2014

Intercalating Medical Students – General philosophy for medical students on a year-long philosophy course. (David Galloway) 2014-2015

I have given lectures at the King's College London Summer School with an "Introduction to Ethics"; and at Birkbeck for Nils Kurbis's courses on the Theaetetus in 2015 (for first-year undergraduates) and 2016 (for third-year undergraduates and masters students), after the 2016 lecture I then led a seminar discussing the material. I spoke about the ways in which Crispin Sartwell's views of epistemology relate to the Theaetetus, and to modern epistemology.